Garlic Mosquito Spray

Garlic mosquito spray can be a very effective means of ridding your yard of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes, like most insects, are repelled by the aroma of garlic. Some people recommend eating lots of garlic to make themselves less tasty to mosquitoes.

Generally, this is not an effective technique. To be effective, you would have to consume huge quantities of the most potent garlic you could find, and eat it often enough to keep the potent oils in your system at all times.

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand why being on a garlic diet is not very desirable. Sure, you are desperate to avoid bites, but if you ate enough garlic to repel mosquitoes, you would repel just about anything else with a nose! At that level, you, your clothes and your home would reek. You might get rid of a few obnoxious co-workers, though.

On the other hand, a very potent garlic mosquito spray is effective for landscape use. Organic gardeners have traditionally used garlic sprays, garlic powder and garlic plantings to repel insects, mice, deer, raccoons and rabbits. Home made garlic concoctions work fine for protecting plant leaves, but are not strong enough to create an aroma in the atmosphere to be effective as true garlic mosquito sprays that actually repel them.

Garlic mosquito spray for landscape use

There is a commercial preparation available that is quite effective. Mosquito Barrier is a garlic mosquito spray, natural mosquito repellants garlic mosquito spray specially prepared from a particularly strong type of garlic. It works because it is very strong, highly concentrated and contains over 99.3% pure garlic juice. It helps to repel mosquitoes in three ways.

Like other soft bodied insects, the sulphur oil in powerful garlic juice is fatally toxic on contact. So, any mosquitoes touched in spraying will die.

Because it is fatal, the mosquitoes will avoid the odor as long as they can detect it. Mosquitoes have a much more heightened olfactory sense than humans and can detect this spray for a much longer period of time than humans. They will stay away from treated areas for a month or more. The spray is not harmful to humans, pets, birds or bees.

And, aside from chasing away adult mosquitoes, if soybean or canola oil is added before application, it will form a film on any standing water and suffocate any mosquito larvae growing there. But don’t use oil if you are spraying a pond with fish.

In addition, Mosquito Barrier is also effective for repelling ticks, when properly applied.

Four applications is usually enough to protect an average home for the entire mosquito season. And, it is best applied at least 48 hours before rain is predicted. Adding soybean or canola oil and a small amount of soap to the spray prolongs effectiveness.

When this garlic mosquito spray is freshly applied, the aroma is very pungent, but it not even detectable after 30 minutes. Of course, the added advantage is that you will repel other insects and critters that would also use your landscape plants as a snack bar. Garlic is also an effective treatment for several plant diseases and viruses, as an added plus.

Mosquito Barrier is sold in fairly large quantities, but stores for up to two years in a cool dry place. Don’t plan to take this one on a beach outing, though. This garlic mosquito spray is pretty much limited to home landscape use.