Controlling the invasion and spread of Aedes albopictus in the Los Angeles Basin

Principal Investigator: Chrisopher M. Barker 

The container-breeding mosquito, Aedes albopictus, has been discovered in Los Angeles County during the summer of 2011 after remaining undetected for nearly a decade. Preliminary analyses indicate that recently collected specimens are closely related to others collected in 2001-2002 near Port of Los Angeles, raising the possibility that a local population has become established following the earlier introduction. We propose using biologically realistic mathematical models for Ae. albopictus dispersal in combination with data from local mosquito control agencies to estimate the rate of spread for this species and the likely timing of past introduction(s) based on the current distribution pattern. Using the model, we will compare larval and adult control methods to determine which would be most effective for containment and eradication. The results would be important for informing control of Ae. albopictus and potential future invasions of container-breeding mosquitoes.