Mosquito Magnets

Have you ever wished you could find a way to actually enjoy your backyard without being plagued by hordes of mosquitoes?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do just that without harmful pesticides or lots of effort? Well, now there is a way . . . . The Mosquito Magnet®! Mosquito Magnets get rid of these pests Now, even home users have powerful mosquito kill technology at their fingertips. Because, when you think about it, the best mosquito is a dead one.

These incredible machines are propane powered devices. Essentially, they are a machine that lures mosquitoes into a trap, where they die. Each machine can trap and kill thousands of female mosquitoes.

The propane is used with a carbon dioxide cartridge and emits a plume of carbon dioxide and octenol, which mimics human breath.

Here’s how they work.

Suzette Mosquito, just newly hatched and recently mated, is driven to keep up with her biological clock. Hungry to find a blood meal, she puts feeding on the fast track.

She is hungry, really hungry. . . . she is a mosquito on a mission!

About 2 miles away, your Magnet® is humming away quietly. Now that you have a Magnet®, you can use your backyard again.

It is a perfect summer evening, the patio is softly lit by torches. . . the flowers and plants around the yard create the ideal scene for an evening of outdoor dining. The grill is warming up, and everything is ready for a great evening.

So, while Suzette is out looking for blood, you are enjoying your patio with your friends . . . . who are eagerly anticipating your renowned grilled salmon kabobs.

And, no one is being bothered by mosquitoes!

Even at that distance, Suzette easily smells an enticing mix of carbon dioxide and octenol, and senses the warmth that means a blood feast.

Determined in her quest, she flies toward the alluring scents. Once she gets into the strongest concentration of the Magnet’s® plume, she is drawn up by a current of air and soon finds herself trapped in a harem of other misled females. Unable to escape, she soon dies.

Instead of landing on a nice juicy mammal, she has met the Mosquito Magnet®. And, you and your friends never noticed a thing except . . . those terrific kabobs.

Just think, a few days later, when you empty the bag, you get the satisfaction of seeing just how many hungry females have been permanently taken out of the gene pool!

The machine operates this way: propane is used to create carbon dioxide; the entire device is powered by electricity. It uses replaceable octenol and carbon dioxide cartridges. Some models must be plugged in, and a 50 foot, low voltage cord and burying clips come with the machine. Other types of trapping magnets have self contained battery packs. Mosquito Magnet® reviews by current owners are always filled with amazing stories about the incredible number of mosquitoes their machines catch. The traps are designed to be operated 24 hours a day during mosquito season(and for those of you in tropical areas, year round). Most models come with a convenient rolling cart for easy placement and moving. Refill cartridges and octenol packs are easily available. A reasonable estimated monthly cost for operating the machines is about $25.00 USD.

Asian Tiger Mosquito The success of these machines depends, to some degree, on the most common kinds of mosquitoes in your area. The Asian Tiger mosquito, for example, is not as drawn to the octenol emissions as other types of mosquitoes. Unless you know for sure which kind is prevalent, you may have to try both types of lures. For areas with heavy Asian Tiger mosquito populations, you can get a separate attractant, Lurex ,which is more appealing to the Asian Tiger mosquito.

The machines come in a variety of models, most based on coverage area.

The Mosquito Magnet Defender Mosquito Magnet® Defender is the smallest unit. It is designed to cover a one half acre area, and does not have rolling wheels. It comes with a 50 foot, low voltage power cord and burying cables. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

Since most residential lots are smaller than one half acre, this model should be more than adequate. It is particularly well suited for townhouses and patio homes.

The Liberty Mosquito Magnets® mosquito magnet liberty will cover a one acre area, has wheels and a 50 foot, low voltage power cord, with burying cables. It too has a one year limited warranty.

This model is better suited to larger residential lot sizes, but is more moderate in price than some of the larger units.

The Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Plus mosquito magnet liberty plus, like the regular Liberty model, is designed to cover a one acre area. It does not need an external electrical power source. Electricity is generated by the propane tank. Like all models, the propane tank should last about 21 days, even with continuous use. All models use a standard 20 pound propane tank.

Liberty Plus has a capture net that is 50% bigger than the Liberty model, so you won’t have to empty the net as often as with the smaller models. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

The Mosquito Magnet® Pro Plus mosquito magnet pro plus is the largest of all the units.It is specifically designed for areas of high infestation. It’s range of coverage is also larger– it covers up to one and one quarter acres. Overall, it has more enhanced features, such as a self contained trap with three power sources. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

All of the models are fairly compact, can be stored easily, and, if you like that outboard motor look, fairly attractive.

All models need their propane tanks refilled about every 21 days. Mosquito populations quickly rebuild if the units are not operated continuously. If the units are kept in constant operation, all of them will collapse the mosquito population in the area after about six weeks use.

Keep in mind that even if you have a small yard, the smaller Mosquito Magnets® will reduce mosquito populations in the area. But you have no control over whether your neighbors will be pro-active in combating mosquitoes. If they don’t follow good clean up procedures, like removing standing water, they are breeding mosquitoes that will feed on you. So, it may make sense to get a Mosquito Magnet® that covers a larger area, just in case your neighbors decide to share their pests with you!

One of the advantages of the Mosquito Magnet® is that it operates 24/7. Because of the sheer volume of mosquitoes they trap, they do have the advantage of reducing mosquito populations in the area around your home. And they have the added bonus of being better for the environment than toxic sprays. And, like sprays, they kill, rather than repel mosquitoes.

The biggest disadvantage of Mosquito Magnets® is that they are not very portable. It is not very practical to take them on picnics, to the beach or on a camping or hiking trip. And, their effectiveness is best after they have been operating for about 6 weeks, the period of time it takes for the mosquito population to be reduced. Outdoor activities away from home, it is better to be armed and educated on natural mosquito repellants and barrier devices, like mosquito nets.

And, Mosquito Magnets® aren’t very useful when you travel. Even if you live in a relatively mosquito free area, you will need mosquito protection in mosquito prone vacation spots.

All in all, for home use, Mosquito Magnets® are an excellent choice for an environmentally safe way to keep mosquitoes at bay in the home backyard environment. Still, for those times when you are away from home, you will want to be armed with natural mosquito repellants and barrier devices, like mosquito nets.