Travel Protection Hints

Any vacation is more enjoyable if you have good mosquito travel protection with you.

What is on your travel wish list?

Are you planning a jaunt to London, to tour Buckingham Palace and ride around Piccadilly Circus? If sunnier spots are more to your liking, you could visit Positano, Italy and have a gelato on the beach, watching the boats in the bay, at this warm and charming spot on the Mediterranian.

And, maybe hop over to Paris, for a famed romantic tour in April? On a warm spring day you can stroll the streets, lunch in bistros, shop the boutiques, and admire the Eiffel Tower.

Maybe you are bored with Western places and want are looking for something more exotic. You might find India beckons, with its lush forests tantalizing aromas, and the Taj Mahal? Swim in the vibrant colors of this sultry, and mysterious land.

Perhaps you are into more rustic travel and would prefer to hike the Inca trail in Peru up to Machu Piccu? After a challenging climb, you can marvel at these ancient ruins at the top of the world.

Or maybe you will finally take that long awaited photographic safari in Africa, with its wide open landscapes and breathtaking wildlife.

No matter which place is your ideal vacation spot, just don’t forget that mosquitoes are everywhere. They are found on every continent, except Antartica, and you need to travel protection from them just as much as when you are at home.

If you are headed off to Telluride for a snow skiing trip, you can probably leave the repellant at home.

Otherwise, if you are planning a trip to a tropical region, these are travel protection hints you should not ignore.


For those of us living in the more temperate parts of the United States and Europe, it is easy to forget what a significant problem mosquitoes are in warmer places. While malaria and yellow fever are rare in temperate areas, they are common and very serious in warm areas. There are vaccinations against both, but their effectiveness varies. Many malaria parasites have become resistant to vaccines. Consult your physician to see if you are a candidate for this kind of mosquito travel protection.

Natural Mosquito Repellants

No matter what, you need to be armed with a good natural mosquito repellant Even if you are vaccinated, prevention is always first choice when it come to mosquito bites. And, keep in mind that there are some mosquito borne diseases, like dengue fever for which there is no vaccine.

If you are traveling to a tropical area, many of the mosquito borne diseases in those areas can be quite serious, so be sure to seek medical care if you develop serious symptoms.

In fact, it is best to make arrangements before you go to have advance emergency medical assistance arranged.

Be sure to purchase your repellant at home and pack it. If you are going to a well known resort, you may be able to purchase it there, but you have no guarantee of brand availability. If you are going to a more rustic area, you may not be able to purchase it at all. For more primitive destinations, bringing your own mosquito travel protection is a must.

One of the best we have found is Sting Free because it lasts longer than just about any other kind. As travel protection against mosquitoes goes, this is a great spray to have packed for any trip.


Depending on the kind of trip you have planned, try to stay in climate controlled lodging. Air conditioned hotels and inns will be better sealed off against mosquitoes. Just choosing the right lodging can be a good form of travel protection.

If you are planning more rugged travel, or simply cannot find climate controlled lodging, take a mosquito net with you. There are many kinds of lightweight, compact nets designed for individual use. Just be sure the ends are tucked under the mattress. Nets are one of the best inexpensive forms of mosquito travel protection you can find

Mosquito Seasonality

Many outbreaks of mosquito borne diseases are seasonal. If you can plan your trip during the mosquito “off season”, wait until then.

Time of Day

The greatest mosquito activity level is usually around dawn and dusk, try to stay indoors then, if possible.

Not merely a kind of travel protection, this is good advice at home too.


If the temperature permits, wear long sleeves and long pants. Be sure your shirt is tucked in. Wear boots and socks rather than sandals, if appropriate. The less exposed skin, the better. Don’t forget that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing. Pack lighter colored clothing.

Repellant Treatments

Don’t forget, you can apply repellants to more than just your skin. Putting it on shoes, tents, clothes, nets, or any other fabric around you can really help deter mosquitoes.

By taking just a few simple precautions, you will have all the travel protection you need. Then you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes and you can enjoy your trip.